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Dr. Wahlroos empowers families to achieve their goals  through  physical therapy interventions and parent education!


Conditions/Diagnoses Commonly Treated by Dr. Wahlroos


Toe Walking/Abnormal Gait

Down Syndrome

Developmental Delays

Cerebral Palsy 



Dance related injury and injury prevention

Visual and Coordination Impairments



Mobility  Assessments

Virtually treating in CO and WA

Physically treating in the greater Denver, CO Metro


Let's Meet

Gloria Wahlroos, Physical Therapist, DPT

Mobile Tots is founded by licensed physical therapist, Gloria Wahlroos PT, DPT. Dr. Wahlroos is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with her BFA in dance, and the University of Washington with her DPT. She has a special focus on pediatrics, dance medicine and injury prevention.

Dr. Wahlroos is passionate about providing resources, education and evidence based interventions to empower her clients to succeed. She performs thorough evaluations and creates customized treatment plans. Whether your child is having difficulty reaching milestones, shows signs of musculoskeletal or neurologic impairments, has a sport or dance related injury, or you are seeking recommendations for equipment and/or home environment modifications, Mobile Tots provides you with personalized care, either in person or virtually.

Virtual appointments will be held via secure Zoom sessions. In person appointments are only available for those within the Denver, CO metro region at this time and are held at client homes/studio/park etc.

Dr. Wahlroos is currently licensed in the states of Colorado and Washington. Due to practice laws, appointments may only be made for clients who reside in those states. If you are out of the listed states and are curious about receiving PT services, please reach out! Dr. Wahlroos will likely be able to refer you to another provider who is licensed in your state. 

This is a cash-based physical therapy provider. However, if you would like to use insurance, please let me know. Dr. Wahlroos will provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance company as an out-of-network provider. Mobile Tots is not able to accept patients who are registered with Medicaid at this time.

*Patient safety is the highest priority. Covid-19 precautions will be taken at each in-person treatment.


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